Direct from the Farm – Unadulterated,
Pure & Fresh A2 Cow Milk!

Here you will find a wide range of pure, healthy and fresh A2 milk and dairy products that were proudly produced at our farm by our farmers sourced from Gir and Sahiwal cows through ethical milking practices. Welcome to Auvarna!
Auvarna Hi Tech Dairy Farm

Ethical Dairy Farm

Situated in Barsana (Mathura), the land of doodh, dahi and maakhan, Auvarna farm is spread over 170 acres of land. Auvarna farm practices “dohan” technique where the calf is fed to its satisfaction first and then the remaining milk is extracted for human consumption. Being part of the world’s largest gaushala, veterinary hospital and research center and a biogas plant, Auvarna farm is a must visit.

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Desi Cow

Meet Our Cows

Our cattle family has around 55,000 cows, bulls, and calves. All our cattle are either rescued from slaughterhouses and leather traders or adopted from owners that abandoned them due to non-commercial value. The profits generated from Auvarna are directed towards gau sanrakshan and nasal sudhar of the breeds that are on the verge of extinction like Red Sindhi, Rathi, Gir, Sahiwal and others.

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fresh A2 milk & dairy products

Delivery & Hygiene

Hygiene is an important aspect of Auvarna. Our flawless processes ensure healthy and happy cattle, clean machines, safe packaging and hygienic delivery. As Auvarna takes extreme precautions to deliver safe and ethical milk to your doorstep, especially during the pandemic, our team strictly follows guidelines laid down by WHO. The milk bottles are sanitized at your doorstep again before delivery for extra safety.

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A2 Milk Facts

“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy.”
– Emma Watson

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Our Products

A2 Gir Cow Milk

Pure and fresh Gir cow milk delivered directly from the farm to your doorstep. Read More…

Auvarna A2 Desi Cow Milk

A2 Cow Milk

Naturally sweet and healthy A2 milk sourced from Indigenous Cows, delivered within a few hours of milking. Read More…

Auvarna Premium A2 Bilona Ghee

Bilona Ghee

Bilona maakhan heated over cow dung cakes to give you the perfect honey coloured pure bilona desi ghee. Read More…

Premium A2 Bilona Maakhan

Bilona Butter

Churned from curd through the vedic technique (bilona) to give you the goodness of Daadi wala fresh and fluffy white butter. Read More…

Premium Buttermilk with A2 Protein

A2 Buttermilk

Light and refreshing chaanch powered with the goodness of A2 protein, easy on the stomach and best for summer days. Read More…

 Cow Milk

Auvarna’s Cow milk is every man’s daily dose of health. Sourced fresh from our own cows this non-homogenized milk has no preservatives. Read More…


Make your regular food healthier and yummier by Auvarna’s A2 milk and dairy products. Choose from our own recipes and experiment to add your own uniqueness!

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10 Ayurvedic Uses Of Bilona Desi Cow Ghee

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