Why Auvarna

Pure Goodness

100% Fresh, Natural & Unadulterated

Auvarna delivers only premium and real A2 desi cow milk to your doorstep with multiple quality checks at every step.

No Middlemen. No Preservatives. No Additives

Auvarna is a producer and not an aggregator. We understand the essence of real cow milk, thus, milk supply is as per market demand with a natural shelflife of 2 days under refrigeration.

Sourced From Purebred Gir & Sahiwal Cows

With a natural habitat, fresh fodder and love, few cows have naturally started producing milk. Auvarna farmers milks only pure bred Gir & Sahiwal cows to deliver the best of the best quality of milk to you.

Hormone Free. Chemical Free. Pesticide Free. Stress Free. Cruelty Free

Auvarna is an ethical dairy farm and believes in cattle comfort as happy cows produce best quality and stress free milk. It is the purest and most natural milk delivered directly from the farm.

Hosts India’s Largest Gaushala, Gau Hospital & Research Centre

Shri Mataji Gaushala has rescued more than 55,000 cattle from slaughter-houses and leather traders. It has also adopted abandoned cattle with no commercial value selflessly.

Contributes to Gau Sanrakshan & Nasal Sudhar

The profits generated from Auvarna are utilized in the protection and conservation of pure indigenous cows, their healthy upkeep and to build a self-sustainable environment-friendly eco-system.

Follows Ethical Dairy Practices & Environmental Friendly Brand

Auvarna stands against cruelty towards animals. Apart from milking cows, we are home for non-milking cows, male bulls and calves with no monetary value. Auvarna also practices “Dohan” technology where the calf drinks milk to it’s satisfaction and then the cow is milked for human consumption.