Premium A2 Buttermilk


Premium A2 Buttermilk

INR 50 per 1 ltr

Auvarna’s buttermilk is prepared by the traditional bilona method and promises the best quality product. Buttermilk is 100% pure and healthy to give you all the essential nutrients for growth. It is good for body development and to full fill the calcium requirement in the body.
Refresh your body and mind with this pure and natural buttermilk made with Gir cow milk, Sahiwal cow milk and other desi cow milk with the pure goodness of A2 protein. No additional preservatives, flavours or culture is added. Auvarna’s premium A2 buttermilk is separated while churning curd to make white butter through the traditional Vedic technique of bilona.

Min Order: 1 liter

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Desi Cow A2 Milk



A2 cow milking


Convert milk into curd


Bilona process of churning curd into buttermilk and butter


A2 Buttermilk packed in glass bottles and ready for delivery