Premium A2 Bilona Maakhan

Auvarna A2 Bilona Maakhan

Premium A2 Bilona Maakhan

INR 480 per 200 gm

Auvarna A2 bilona maakhan is a premium product sourced from raw A2 milk desi cows to revive the quality of food and a healthy lifestyle. It is fluffy, unsalted white butter from A2 curd, with no additives, preservatives, added colours and flavours that contain medicinal properties. We adopt the traditional Vedic method of bilona (churning curd) to produce homemade butter from curd. Auvarna adopts ethical dairy practices to give you the best quality and stress-free products as the cattle are treated with love. Cows are fed with homegrown fodder and fresh vegetables – fruits. Auvarna A2 Maakhan is made and delivered in a proper way in order to maintain its quality and to keep it fresh.

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A2 cow milking


Convert milk into curd


Bilona process of churning curd into buttermilk and butter


Bilona Maakhan packed in glass jars to maintain freshness