Our Story

Welcome to Auvarna!

With the advancement of technology and the new-age lifestyle, many Vedic practices have lost their true essence. Pure desi A2 cow milk is one of these lost treasures of Indian culture and tradition.

Team Auvarna, has taken the responsibility to revive a healthy lifestyle and conserve indigenous cows by delivering 100% pure, fresh and chemical-free desi A2 cow milk with love, passion and devotion, maintaining the highest quality standards to give you complete satisfaction in one sip.

To nurture a cause and achieve our dreams of creating a heart to heart ecosystem around indigenous cows, Auvarna is a beautiful amalgamation of love, trust and responsibility towards our tradition, technical genius, operational excellence and sustainable promulgation to the human settlement deprived of this connection.

Auvarna under the rural sustainable development wing of SarvabhRt Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. (a unit of Rigava Solutions Pvt. Ltd) is proud to present pure desi cow milk with the perfect balance of hygiene and safety using custom-made high-tech processing, testing, IoT & AI enabled safest distribution process in the form of desi cow milk.

Taste the pure goddess of real, natural and unadulterated desi cow milk and fresh dairy products!

Our Journey

Stepping Stone

Started with the service of 5 cows, Shri Mataji gaushala is now nurturing more than 55,000 cows bulls and calves which were either neglected, sick, abandoned or rescued from slaughterhouses and leather traders by “padma shri” Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj with the goal to protect and conserve Indian cows and contribute to gau sanrakshan and nasal sudhar.

Growing Strong

An overwhelming response lead to the addition of more than 25+ cowsheds, purchase of ration machines & TMR machines, construction of fodder godowns, community kitchen, water storage and distribution system for cows and land expansion.

In-House Biogas Plant

Started construction of a biogas plant of 1350 cu.mt. capacity. 30-40 tonnes of cow manure slurry is fed daily which is then purified and used in power generation of 193Kw, which is currently used for electricity requirement of gaushala. The output of biogas plant is anaerobically digested slurry (around 60 tonnes per day) which is further mixed with aerobic microbial culture for complete decomposition. The product is well composted desi cow manure, giving terrific results on field trials, in farms and as well as kitchen and home gardens, surpassing the best specifications.

Amalgamating Technology

Inception of Rigava, an amalgamation of three Sanskrit words, “Rishayah” “Gariyase” “Vase” meaning that any task undertaken by Rigava is given a deep thought before the first step is taken, we always strive to be better and not the best so that we always have room for improvement and last but not the least we are always in subjugation of whatever we undertake (Thoughtful, Better & Controlled). A technology-driven firm using the unconventional methods and renewable energy sources merged with the exceptional multi-experienced team generating results that focus on the environment, profitability, cost-effectiveness and most of all a cleaner, better and sustainable future.

Best A2 Milk & Veterinary Hospital

Considering the pandemic, the need of a healthier lifestyle and a stronger immunity is on the rise. Rigava and Shri Mataji Gaushala joined hands to launch Auvarna under SarvabhRt Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., a brand dedicated to delivering Pure Goodness of A2 milk and dairy products direct from the farm to your doorstep with the aim of gau sanrakshan and nasal sudhar.

Inauguration of “Shri Shyam Lakshmi Hospital and Research Center”, a one of its kind hospital which can admit 3000 cows at a time with advanced machines and medical equipment, making it a state-of-the-art medical centre. Facilities like 25 ambulances, 5 modern operation theaters, ICU, hydro therapy etc. are available 24 hours.