How to Choose The Best A2 Milk Brand?

How to Choose The Best A2 Milk Brand?

How to Choose The Best A2 Milk Brand?

It is a scientific study that says more than seven choices confuses the audience. With so many dairies delivering organic milk, will definitely be confusing to many of us. Milk is an essential part of our lives and choosing the right milk for our family becomes a responsibility and priority. Worry no further as we will help you to narrow down your decision to make the right choice.

What’s A2 Milk and A2 Cow Milk Benefits?

One of the secrets of the long and healthy life of our ancestors was the purity of milk, which was A2 or milk from pure desi cow breeds. Milk and its products….as milk and its products have always been an integral part of all our lives.
Being a great source of calcium and protein it has two major components, casein, and whey. Casein accounts for about 80% of the protein in milk. There are also different types of casein, one of which is called beta-casein. Beta-casein makes up about 30% of the protein in cow’s milk. A1 and A2 are two variants of beta-casein. Historically, Indian cows produced milk that contained only the A2 form of beta-casein. But Today, most of the milk available from the local grocery store contains (only) A1 proteins, which when digested produces peptides called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). Doctors have linked BCM-7 to stomach discomfort and symptoms similar to those experienced by people with lactose intolerance. Study and research show that A1 type milk can cause inflammation in the body, type 1 diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, and can deteriorate brain function.
The structure of A2 protein is more comparable to human breast milk, as well as milk from goats and sheep. Thus it is easier to digest, has more nutritional value, boosts immunity, and much more. It is medically proven that A2 type milk can reinforce bones, prevents diabetes, keeps the heart healthier, has anti-inflammatory compounds, promotes weight loss, and helps in general growth and development.

Parameters to Consider

Organic milk necessarily may not be A2 milk. Read through the article to identify the best A2 milk brand. These points will not only help in the identification of the best A2 milk brands but also other brands that stand out.

Source of Milk – The game of A1 and A2 lies in the breed of the cow and thus is the most important point to consider while choosing good quality milk brands. Dairy farms with purebred indigenous cows have a higher chance of delivering A2 cow milk.

Auvarna in association with Shri Mataji gaushala sources its milk from purebred Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Rathi, Tharparkar, Hariana, and other indigenous cows. Certified experts monitor the fresh and urea-free feed and type of fodder to ensure the best quality milk.

Milking Process – Usually modern dairy farms adopt automatic milking processes for dairy cows. However, it is observed that these automatic milking machines are the reason for prevalent diseases and infections in the cow teats and mammary glands that eventually seeps in the milk, cause them pain as the machine pierces into the teats and turns the milk into distressed milk rather than happy milk. Unkept and unhygienic machines are home to bacterial growth that traces itself in the milk. Speaking traditionally, hand milking is preferred when it comes to milking cows. A bond is nurtured between the human and the animal, the hand movement of milking is a professional skill and can not be replaced by the machine. The farmer can sense the discomfort and can immediately tend to the cow.

Auvarna has more than 250 volunteers and dairy farmers who take care of the 55,000 cattle at our farm every day round the clock. They work relentlessly to keep the cows clean and stress-free to ensure, healthy- happy milk and other dairy products

Milk Processing – Commercial processes like homogenization, breaks the molecular structure of milk and destroys its nutritional value whether its A2 or A1 protein. These commercial processes give the milk a consistent texture, flavour, and increased shelf life for longer storage. This might be convenient for working professionals, however, it definitely kills the real essence of milk.

After extensive research with the help of Rigava Solutions (Auvarna’s parent company), Auvarna uses a quick pasteurization process to retain the exact molecular structure of milk. Auvarna delivers desi milk and dairy products how it should be.

Packaging & Delivery – Why promote plastic pouches when we can get milk in glass bottles, which are food-grade approved. Plastics mix with food and lead to several health issues. Auvarna has biodegradable packaging and is sensitive to the health of both the environment and its customers.

Pricing – Milk is an essential everyday item. Commercial milk from Amul, Mother Dairy, Patanjali, and others are around Rs. 55/-. A2 milk can go up to Rs. 160 per litre or as low as Rs. 60 per litre. With such varied pricing, it is difficult for individuals to select the best milk brand available. Logically speaking any dairy selling A2 milk or Gir cow milk below Rs. 75 per litre can not be trusted as statistically the dairy owner will not be able to break even and will resort to malpractices. Gir cow milk and A2 milk are priced higher because Indian cows give only 3-7 litres milk, thus, foreign breeds of cows are liked by dairy farmers as they give three times more milk resulting in higher commercial profits. Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Tharparkar, and other Indian cows are at the verge of extinction as 1 foreign cow has and still replaces 3 Indian cows. Also, purebred indigenous cows are rare as most of the breeds have been crossbred with Jersey and HF cows.

Auvarna is actively working towards the protection and conservation of Indian cows and contributes to nasal sudhar and gau sanrakshan from the profits generated. It has competitive rates so that everyone can afford pure and chemical-free best milk and dairy products

Mission & Vision of the Brand – Each brand has its own identity and a vision to stand out in the market. However, brand loyalty only comes with the deep-rooted trust and quality over time. Read about the brand, understand if it is attached with a cause or it exists only for commercial gains.

Auvarna as a brand is working hard towards the protection and conservation of indigenous cows. Apart from this Auvarna’s mission is “Purity for All”. Auvarna wants every household to have access to affordable, chemical-free, hormone-free, injection-free, unadulterated, pure, natural, fresh/best A2 milk like our ancestors.

Ethical Dairy Practices – With the pressure to outperform competition and establish a successful business, milk dairies like any other business wants to get maximum return on investment. Thus, they begin the cycle of considering cows like commodities. With oxytocin injections that increase milk production, not allowing the calves to drink their mother’s milk, using khal baccha to keep mother cows lactating, selling male calves to slaughterhouses, unmonitored fodder, keeping cattle tied up, and many more

Auvarna dairy is India’s first and only 100% ethical dairy that stands up against cruelty towards animals. Auvarna rescues cows, bulls, and male calves from slaughterhouses and leather traders and houses 25,000 bulls and male calves out of 55,000 cattle. The four-legged homies roam freely without being tied, calves are raised with cow moms irrespective of their gender and are given the best quality of organic fodder with limitless unconditional love and respect. As our gaushala is totally devoted towards gau sanrakshan and nasal sudhar, no injections or hormones are given to increase their commercial value. At our gaushala, gau is worshipped and given the respect of Maa!

Self Test – It’s the time to call your grannys for this. We all have been in the era when milk was commercialized, however, our grandparents are the only ones who have had a cow at home. They know fresh, pure, and best milk like no one else and will be the better judge for testing the quality of milk. However, to test the quality of milk at home, you can-
Buy a milk testing kit. It is economical and will show the freshness of the product.
Organoleptic test – This is a basic taste and smell test. Any person who actually knows fresh and pure milk will be able to
Freshness converts a portion of it into curd (yogurt) and chena (paneer).

Selecting the best quality of milk is not simple, on other hand is a big responsibility as it’s something which eventually adds up to our daily needs. You need to consider many points ranging from quality to pricing. Presently taking into consideration the commercial hike of diaries, it’s more difficult to find a perfect-pure product due to various unobserved practices. You surely need to analyze thoroughly while selecting. At Auvarna we guarantee pure goodness that you won’t find in any other companies, it will definitely be a fruitful investment to start your journey with us. Secondly, I hope these pointers will work as a good guide for you to select the best milk.



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