According to research, approximately 80% of milk protein is casein and remaining beta-casein (forming either A1 or A2 protein). 90% of milk we drink has A1 protein, sourced from foreign cows. A1 protein releases BCM-7, which the human body cannot absorb well, leading to bloating and gas. A1 protein also causes type 1 diabetes, lactose intolerance, autism, schizophrenia, coronary heart diseases, autism, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and many other ailments.

Whereas, A2 protein milk (also found in human milk), produces amino acid (prolin), which prevents the formation of BCM-7. It helps in digestion, tastes better (natural sweetness), contains Omega 2 fatty acids, keeps the heart healthy, increases cognitive power (brain function), contains Vitamin D/ Omega 2 fatty acids/ HDL (good cholesterol)/ vitamin A, is rich in calcium/ protein and boosts immunity.

A1 beta-casein protein can cause digestive issues. A1 milk releases a peptide called (BetaCaso – Morphine 7) BCM7 which is not broken down into amino acids making it impossible to digest. Many studies have linked consumption of A1 milk to diseases like diabetes, coronary heart disease, autism, schizophrenia, etc.

Those cows whose milk contains A1A1 type gene are termed as A1 cows. The widely spread Holstein Friesian (HF) and Jersey cows produce A1 type milk.

Milk derived from desi cows is good for the body, mind and soul. Milk is an important source of calcium, protien & fat. A2 milk is the natural milk from our desi cows which is easy to digest and helps increase immunity, it is so called “stomach – approved” milk and helps fight various diseases. Some people have had the experience that their digestive problems, diabetes, cholesterol issues, etc have disappeared from changing to A2 milk.

Cows have been domesticated for time immemorial. Mother nature wisely selected breeds of cows suitable for a certain region. Human intervention has led to the current crisis where native breeds have been completely ignored or wiped out. Traditional Indian breeds like Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Tharparkar, etc are less prone to diseases & have higher protein content in their milk. Indian cows have hump and dewlap and are rounded from the tailbone area. Except dewlap, an Indian cow can reach any part of its body with its tail and tongue. Foreign or crossbred cows don’t have dewlap or hump, are straight backed and not flexible enough.

Our A2 Milk is as good as having your own cow at home. We chill the A2 Milk immediately after milking to avoid any form of bacterial growth and also to maintain freshness and quality. We deliver milk within a few hours after milking.

Yes, our Milk is natural and unadulterated. Our cows are fed with natural fodders, cattle feeds, and minerals. We don’t use any growth hormones or other A2 Milk inducing agents to increase milk productivity.

As our milk and dairy products originated not for commercial purpose, but to conserve, protect and nurture indian cows, the primary focus is on the right and balanced diet of the cows. We have set up high standard quality measures, which our dairy strictly follows. You can also ask for an adulteration test kit to check the authenticity of the milk.

Auvarna is sensitive to the emotion and concern that each mother has towards the right diet of their kid. It is believed and proven that desicowmilk is the closest to breastmilk as the key compound, proline, is in the 67th position in both human and desi cow milk (A2A2 gene). A2 Milk has about 60 functional enzymes which perform various functions in our body with the goodness of calcium, vitaminD, niacin, vitaminA, riboflavin, protein, vitaminB12 and much more to give your child the best of the best!

We use natural fodder which is grown locally at our farm, cattle feeds (bhusa) and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

We deliver A2 Milk every day in the morning between 6:30am to 9:00am.

Yes you can. Just go to Auvarna app and change your requirements.

Desi Organic Milk is an elixir and elixir is always precious, scarce and expensive. Due to the white revolution, 3 desi cows were replaced with 1 foreign cow to increase the milk production capacity, forcing 22 breeds towards extinction. A2 cow breeds like Sahiwal, Gir, Red Sindhi, Tharparkar, Hariana and more are at the verge of extinction, thus, making A2 milk rare and expensive. Auvarna delivers natural and fresh milk within a few hours of milking. This takes an extensive cold-chain logistics to preserve the essence of milk. Also the profits from the sales are invested in gau samrakshan, nasal sudhar and nurturing 20,000 bulls and male calves which were rescued from slaughterhouses and leather traders and have no commercial value.

Absolutely. It will be our pleasure to host you and your family. Call +91 9999585650 for more details.

Government has initiated a nation-wide campaign to save Indian cows so that our future generations can reap the benefits of A2 milk. Various state governments are also keenly working to promote protection of Desi Cows.

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