Ethical Dairy Farm

Ethical Dairy Farm

The 200+ acre farm is home to more than 55,000 cows, bulls and male calves which were rescued from slaughterhouses or adopted upon being abandoned by their owners due to non-commercial value. Our farm has the world’s largest cattle specialty hospital and research center and a biogas plant with more than 250 sevaks and volunteers serving mother cows round the clock. All the ethical desi- dairy practices are used to take proper care of cows. Auvarna was established because few cows started milking naturally after the gaushala rescued them and the other way round like other dairies. Our cattle roam freely, they are given the best medical care, the calves are raised along with the mother cows and male calves and bulls are kept at the gaushala and treated with equal respect. As our cows are treated with respect, we do gau arti in the evening to pay our respect. We follow the Dohan technique. This is an ancient concept mentioned in our Vedas, where 2 teats are for the calf and 2 for human consumption. We milk the cows only when the calf is fully satisfied as this is not a commercial dairy. Auvarna cattle are loved and happy, therefore produce the best quality milk.


Cattle Fodder & Well Being

As the farm is home to both milking and non-milking cows, our experts attend to each cow accordingly, giving them individual attention. All our cattle are fed homegrown green fodder with seasonal fruits and vegetables. We ensure that the fodder is free of pesticides, urea or any other chemicals to maintain the purity and quality of milk. The fodder is served by TMR machines, custom made from Spain. The state-of-the-art veterinary hospital monitors the cattle’s wellbeing with specialized surgeons, doctors and nurses. Unwell cattle are separated from healthy ones and are rendered personalized care.

Milking Parlor

Despite being a well-established farm, we strategically keep few processes traditional. Unlike other dairies that adopt automated milking, Auvarna still encourages milking by hand. This traditional process gives us a chance to employ a more rural workforce, thus, contributing to the rural economy and employment opportunities. Another reason is to ensure cattle comfort and to reduce their stress. Automated milking machines are painful as they do not have the human instinct of when to stop milking and hence these machines keep pumping even when there is no milk to extract. The needles in such machines pierce the teats and cause painful infections, which are further transmitted in the milk.

A cow is ready to be milked when her udder is full. The farmers milk the cows twice, once in the morning and then in the evening. Auvarna dairy practices the “dohan” technique. It is an ancient Vedic term meaning two teats for calf and two teats for humans. Milk for human consumption is only extracted once the calf is fed to its satisfaction.


Milk Processing & Bottling

The collection of milk at our hi-tech dairy undergoes several tests to check impurity levels. More than 22 tests are done to ensure unadulterated, chemical-free and quality milk with no added preservatives or hormones. The approved batch of milk is then pasteurized at the right temperature to kill harmful microbes, making it fit to drink even without boiling. This pure and natural A2 desi cow milk is then filled in food-grade approved glass bottles, sealed and loaded in the sanitized van for delivery.

Delivering Pure Goodness

The milk van transports the milk to the delivery hub in Gurgaon and Delhi for further distribution. The hub inspectors re-checks the batch for safety, hygiene, damage and other malfunctions. Our delivery champions then collect their daily delivery order and route details available on their Auvarna delivery app, making our cold-chain delivery system efficient for timely delivery. All you need to do is open the bottle of Pure Goodness and consume the best cow milk with A2 protein as per your liking!