Delivery & Hygiene

Safety and Precautions

Living in the continuous scare of COVID-19, Auvarna follows strict guidelines laid down by WHO and the Indian government to safeguard its employees, customers and everyone around. We ensure complete sanitization of our fresh milk dairy farm, bottles and jars, transportation van, delivery bags and vehicles. Masks, gloves and sanitizer are mandatory for all employees along with daily temperature checks twice a day.

Auvarna Hi Tech Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm

All bottles and jars, machines and containers are washed and sanitized before and after use. The bottles are sterilized in automated machines. We use new caps and lids for each product. The dairy staff washes their hands and face about 7-8 times a day for a minimum of 20 seconds, wears protective gear, masks and gloves at all times. Entire dairy is sanitized twice in twenty-four hours. Visitors have to take off their shoes, wear protective gear and dairy footwear, sanitize themselves and then enter the dairy. Our dairy chief is meticulous and ensures the highest quality of hygiene.

Delivery Van

The delivery van is sanitized before and after each transport run. The driver keeps a spray sanitizer, wears a mask, cap and gloves. He maintains appropriate distance at tolls and uses an online payment system for payment if required. Daily temperature checks are mandatory for all our staff members.


Delivery Hub

The hub inspector is prepared to receive the batch each day. After checking the quality of delivery, he hands over the milk and other milk products to the delivery champions with their route and delivery details. The hub inspector records the body temperature of all delivery champs before handing over their safety kits and orders.

Delivering Pure Goodness

Each product is sanitized and all staff members wear masks and gloves and carry spray sanitizers with them. The delivery champs strictly follow society guidelines. They spray on the products before delivering for extra safety.

Auvarna Desi Cow Bottle A2 Milk