Choose The Right Milk For Your Children’s Growth

Choose The Right Milk For Your Children’s Growth

Globally, 144 million children under 5 years of age were estimated to be stunted out of which India contributes to more than 3 out of every 10 stunted children. 35.6% of Indian children under 5 years of age are underweight, 38.4% are stunted and 21% are wasted. According to the National Family Health Survey results, it appears that 40% of our future workforce will be unable to achieve their full physical and cognitive potential.

In urban India, approximately 22% of children below 6 years of age suffer from malnutrition. According to various reports by the United Nations and National Family Health Survey results, milk adulteration is a crucial contributor to many illnesses and diseases in children like sudden death syndrome, autism, brain dysfunction, osteoporosis, cancer and many others.

Source: National Family Health Survey-4  

Milk and dairy products are the most important part of an Indian diet. We assume that most of our calcium, vitamin D, proteins and other vital nutrients are absorbed from the milk. However, this stands true only if the milk is pure, natural and fresh. Let us understand how milk can contribute directly to a child’s health and choosing the right milk brand.

What are the different types of milk available?

Currently, the varieties of milking that you can avail of in the market include whole milk, low-fat milk, toned milk or skimmed milk. The commercial milk available in the market is homogenised with dangerous chemicals to increase its shelf life. Many mothers are moving towards fresh cow milk to avoid processed milk that leads to chemical intolerance.

The benefits of cow milk are well known; they work as a good source to develop the strength source; it also works as a host of micronutrients needed in your diet. However, not every cow milk is the right milk. Cow milk with A1 protein leads to lactose intolerance and other health concerns and should be avoided. If you are worried about the proper composition, digestion quality, growth hormone and presence of pesticides in the milk and are looking for milk how it should be, then you should change your preference to A2 milk which is pure and chemical free. 

Selecting the correct type of milk, for your champs is important! 

While choosing the right milk, always understand the breed of the cow. Prefer purebred Indian cows as the molecular property of their milk is similar to human beings and is easily digested due to A2 protein. Milking, milk processing and ethical treatment of cows are equally important and directly affects the quality of milk. To learn more read – How to choose the right milk brand by Auvarna.

Why is A2 milk good for children?

When we talk about A2 milk it’s equally beneficial to both whether child or adult. The composition and formula of A2 milk are highly beneficial for the human body as it comes from purebred desi cows, which are found in India. The hump on the back of these cows is the main reason why their milk is most nutritious with medicinal properties as believed by Vedic scientists. The Surya Ketu Nadi absorbs the cosmic rays of the sun and converts it into vitamin D. As desi cow milk molecular properties are similar to that of human beings, it is easy to digest and is absorbed well too. It provides all the vital nutrients to kids and adults and helps in growth, development and fulfilling all the deficiencies.

Milk at each stage of your kid’s growth

  • Feeding infants

Selecting and picking the correct milk for your baby at the initial stage plays a role as building blocks. Breastmilk milk can be a good option as all experts agree that breastfeeding is the best and wise choice when it comes to a new-born. It is the most significant way to provide nutrients to your child. There are a few reasons why:


  • Breast Milk is fresh, clean and a perfect diet for your child’s growth. As it helps to foster optimum brain growth.
  • Babies are less likely to develop coeliac disease or juvenile diabetes.
  • It is easier for the baby to digest, so reduce the chances of indigestion and constipation.  
  • Milk for your little one

Milk is considered to be the basic and most important part of the diet. If given the right milk, milk is equivalent to a wholesome meal for children and even adults. The amount of milk required at this age is 1-3 cups a day. At a growing age, a child might not like to drink milk so you need to bring in various ideas like adding artificial supplements, but these can swap away from the natural nutrients of the milk. For a child of 1-4 years, it is necessary to have calcium and milk vitamin to reach the latest recommended. So, in such a condition, you must change to A2 milk or Gir cow’s milk is the best milk for a toddler, also a lot tastier than normal cow milk.

  • Right milk for preschool and school-age child

As the child reaches the age of 5-12 years, they are grown-ups, and about to enter the next phase of their life where they move to a strong diet. But as we all know the high quantity of adulteration done in the food industry makes it is near to impossible to get an equal number of proteins and make the body fit and composed. Therefore, 1-2 glass milk is needed to meet daily requirements. The doctors in India also recommended the desi cow’s A2 Milk for the Indian kids and adults because of beta-casein protein contents and the natural healing properties of the milk. Consisting of -beta laef albumin, phenol, 4-methyl, Glucolyte and Diphtherotoxin. A2 cow’s milk also helps fight cancer and pancreatitis.

  • Milk at teenage

A Teenager’s nutrient requirement is different than that of the child. At this time the body deals with many changes and is engaged in a lot of work/ studies so it requires a healthy fuel to work. Therefore, milk and dairy products need increases. The milk section at this age should be critically done. As it helps you to store energy for the future too. You may say right milk products may make you feel lucky as these days it is difficult to get pure milk due to the extinction of species. For a teenager, you can bring in the ideas to make smoothies, custard or kheer from A2 milk if they like. The milk products like Makhan, paneer, ghee, buttermilk if prepared in the proper ayurvedic way following ethical practices, then they play a keen role in the development of the child and add up to the better functioning and physical growth of the body. 

 At Auvarna, you get pure A2 and the best quality milk for the entire family. The richness of nature and love of happy cows. Which makes it healthier and tastier. We follow ethical dairy practices and emphasize quality at each step. Other than this the milk produced is freshly delivered to your doorstep after a few hours of milking without any treatment or processing (we have a quick pasteurization process that keeps the molecular properties intact and only kills the gut bacteria that the human body cannot digest) that kills the actual nutritive value of the milk. As our milk is sourced from our gaushala, Auvarna milk is free from chemicals, injections, antibiotics or any other additives. With the aim of purity for all, Auvarna intends to revive the true essence and value of milk that was only experienced by our ancestors for a healthy lifestyle.


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