Auvarna Is Different From Other Milk Brands

Auvarna Is Different From Other Milk Brands

Health consciousness has been a hot topic of discussion since the last few years. With different kinds of diet plans, like Keto dominating the market, people are getting fitness conscious. It is mostly because of the unhealthy lifestyle that we lead due to long work hours, pollution, stress, food adulteration and much more. Our bodies require a basic amount of nutrition each day from various sources, be it food, water or sunlight. Most health-conscious people measure the nutritional value of each meal with the help of apps. However, researchers say that most of the nutrition required every day is sourced from milk and dairy products.

Milk is the most essential element in our daily diet. However, due to semi-urban and urban dairy-producing commercial milk to maintain the continuous supply chain and maintain the status quo of the highest milk producing country, milk has lost its true essence. Milk’s nutritional value depends on many factors. Genetic structure of the cow, protein type, nutrition, climate & geography, cattle comfort, milk processing, shelf life, adulteration, milking method and many more. All these factors affect the quality of the milk and eventually on the human body.

Desi cow milk is considered the best quality milk and has been more popular in India since ancient times. Desi cow milk that gives A2 protein-rich milk is scientifically considered to be the closest to human milk in nutritional value. Purebred cows found in India like Gir, Sahiwal and other native breeds have an A2A2 gene. Holstein Friesian, Jersey and many other foreign breeds are biologically A1A1 gene cattle. Crossbreeding of these two genes lead to A1A2 gene cattle.

In India, approximately 90% of milk is either A1A1 or A1A2. On digestion, A1 beta-casein releases BCM-7, which the human body cannot absorb well and leads to bloating and discomfort. It also harms our immune system, causes type 1 diabetes, heart diseases and other health issues. A2 milk upon consumption produces amino acid (proline), which prevents the formation of BCM-7. This milk type helps in digestion, tastes better (natural sweetness), contains Omega 2 fatty acids, increases HDL (good cholesterol), accelerating weight reduction and vitamin A which helps boost immunity.

How is Auvarna Different?
Auvarna delivers only desi cow A2 protein milk from pure indigenous cows in the most natural and pure form. To revive the healthy lifestyle of our ancestors our milk is delivered within a few hours of milking without any treatment or processing that kills the actual nutritive value of the milk.

Auvarna stands up against the cruelty towards animals and artificial methods for increasing milk yield. Being associated with the largest gaushala, Shri Mataji Gaushala, Barsana, Auvarna only sells what it produces without any fear of commercial pressure, unlike other brands.

Auvarna intends to revive the true essence and importance of milk that was believed by our ancestors and to spread awareness about the right milk for a healthy lifestyle.

Auvarna Milk Is:

  • A premium shudh desi cow A2 milk brand that is working tirelessly to spread awareness about A2 cow milk and help the nation become healthier.
  • Hormone-free with no chemicals, preservatives or additives.
  • Proud to follow ethical dairy practices.
  • Striving to build and support rural economic development.
  • Environment-friendly, unadulterated, natural, and fresh.
  • Free of middlemen as it is a producer and not an aggregator. This helps in monitoring the quality and authenticity at each step from milking to processing to packaging to delivery.
  • Stress-free milk because cattle comfort is a priority. Auvarna consciously follows traditional milking methods as milking machines cause excessive pain in the teats of the cows and lead to many internal and skin infections which have a high chance of seeping in the milk we drink.
  • Cruelty-free milk as Auvarna practices the “Dohan” technique, where the calf drinks the milk first and only the remaining milk is used for commercial sale.
  • Associated with the largest gaushala, gau hospital and research center with 55,000 rescued cows, bulls and calves Constantly working towards gau sanrakshan and nasal sudhar to protect, conserve and serve our beloved mother cow.

Since 2007, Shri Mataji Gaushala has been working tirelessly to conserve, protect and serve cows. It is home to 55,000 rescued cows, bulls and calves. As the gaushala provides chemical-free fodder with free grazing pastures, natural living habitat, love, medical care and so much more to the cattle, few cows started milking naturally. This became the inspiration and motivation behind Auvarna, rather than a need to rise commercially. It is a small conscious step to build a sustainable economy.

Shri Mataji Gaushala has saved more than 55,000 cattle rescued from slaughter-houses and leather traders, along with adopted abandoned cattle with no commercial value. The profits generated from Auvarna are invested in the protection and conservation of pure indigenous cows (gau sanrakshan and nasal sudhar), their healthy upkeep and to build a self-sustainable environment-friendly eco-system.

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