10 Ayurvedic Uses Of Bilona Desi Cow Ghee

10 Ayurvedic Uses Of Bilona Desi Cow Ghee

Ghee is a superfood in Indian cooking. Be it frying samosas or making alloo parathas or mummy wala tadka in daal, ghee is generously used in Indian households. Remember when your grandmother and mother served you hot chapatis with ghee floating? However, the quality and essence of ghee have considerably deteriorated for various reasons. Ghee made from raw milk of purebred Indian cows through traditional Vedic methods is proven to be most beneficial for health. Raw milk is converted into curd and then the curd is churned to separate buttermilk and white butter. This butter is then cooked over cow dung cakes in a heavy bottom pot to make ghee.

According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, cow ghee is a sattvic food that ensures well-being and leads to the healthy development of the whole body, including that of the heart and brain. Not every ghee is similar as the preparation technique plays a key role in the benefits it holds. The ideal ghee is primarily made from purebred Indian cow’s milk using the traditional Vedic technique called bilona (churning the curd to separate chaach and maakhan). All these factors and processes make ghee contribute to its quality and benefits.

Auvarna uses A2 bilona white butter made from raw A2 milk from purebred desi cows to make their pure and fresh A2 Bilona Desi cow Ghee. This jar of ghee is natural, pure, chemical-free, hormone-free with no added flavours or preservatives, or any other additives. It is definitely a must try to experience the Pure Goodness of real A2 Bilona Desi Cow Ghee!

According to our scripters, desi cow bilona ghee made from the milk of grass-fed desi Indian cows is good for nourishing the body internally and externally and also keeps the mind and body calm. Ayurveda has always placed A2 Ghee on the top of the must-have food list. That is why our ancestors have given this superfood a high priority and always insisted everyone include ghee in their food.

Is A2 Bilona Ghee Only Restricted To Cooking?

A pure and authentic desi cow bilona ghee is not only restricted to cooking. Vedic sciences and other scientific researchers have mentioned many other benefits of pure desi ghee.

  • Recovery of wounds – Ghee is used in many Ayurvedic traditional preparations and is also an ointment base. From ancient times also, Indian cow ghee was used for recovery and medical treatment, so it is effective if we apply it on burns, cuts, skin rashes, and other injuries. It speeds up the recovery as it is considered as the best anupana (vehicle), having the ability to reach within the deepest tissues in the human body making it an ideal base for Ayurvedic formulations to target the specific body parts.
  • Body massage (Abhyanga) – Apply A2 Bilona ghee all over the body, rubbing into the head, chest, limbs, joints & orifices. According to Ayurveda, it will bypass the digestive system & allow the qualities of Cow ghee to penetrate directly into the deeper tissues. Massaging the skin creates endorphins or peptides, which enhance the body’s immune system. It also slows down the aging process.
  • Healthy Digestion (Purvakarma) – You should take a small amount (1-2 teaspoons) of Desi Cow A2 Bilona Ghee first thing in the morning to oleate internal organs & dissolve the toxic wastes in the tissues, allowing them to be carried to the digestive tract. This helps in improvising the digestive system and keeping the stomach healthy.
  • Desi Ghee for Oral Health – In India for ages, Desi Cow Ghee is considered best for a gargle. To improve the condition of the teeth & gums, take a small amount of A2 Bilona ghee on your palm and massage thoroughly on your gums and teeth. It works as an antiseptic and helps to make teeth stronger and healthier.
  • Get Rid of a Headache – It is said that putting two drops of desi cow A2 ghee in the nostrils twice a day relieves a headache. All these methods come to form the times when there was no medical development and ayurvedic science were used to treat headaches, injuries and also formed a base of many other medicines.
  • Treating Cough and Cold – An easy Ghar ka nuskha to cure a cold. Take a few peppercorns and heat it in desi cow A2 ghee. Have a teaspoonful in the morning and night to get comfort from cough and cold.
  • Ghee for Treating Eczema in Babies – For babies suffering from itchy, red, and swollen skin, pure A2 Ghee is the best remedy. You can take a pinch of a2 Bilona ghee and rub the same on the effective area about 3-4 times daily. This will soften the baby’s skin and due to Ghee’s anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Auvarna brings the best quality unadulterated products that are chemical and preservative-free and are best for your little ones.
  • Strong Child’s Nervous System – Ghee, being a storehouse of omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids, provides great benefits to the brain. The deficiency of these fatty acids leads to an increased risk of brain-related disorders like dementia. Hence, make it a habit to include A2 Bilona ghee as a compulsory dietary element. It enhances the adequate consumption of all nutrients in the child’s nervous system and also makes the entire family healthy.
  • Cure hair fall –  A well know treatment for hair growth and hair care is Ghee. All you need to improve your hair quality is to take ghee in a bowl, heat it a little-  massage thoroughly on the scalp, and apply it all over. Leave it overnight and wash your hair in the morning. You need to repeat the process thrice a week and you will get a beneficial result. Auvarna‘s bilona ghee is totally pure and unadulterated. This will help you to get back shiny and healthy hair.
  • Ghee for antiaging– This is a natural antioxidant that is traditionally used by people. To get healthy skin and anti-aging benefits all you need is to add bilona ghee to your diet. In addition to this, you need to follow a balanced diet and need a regular exercise pattern. All this together will give you glowing and anti-aging benefits. Bilona ghee is a truly magical tonic for all your body.

There are various other benefits of ghee too like it helps to overcome gastric and bloating problems, helps in the development of bones and muscles, and makes the metabolism healthier. Ghee is not only limited to cooking but can be used in many other ways to give you an overall healing, healthier, and more nutritive life. We strongly recommend you to try our pure and authentic Auvarna’s A2 Bilona Desi Cow Ghee along with Auvarna’s other dairy products.

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